The Shooting Club App Is Fired Up For Gun Lovers And Gun Safety

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Everybody in the US knows the Second Amendment. “A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed.” Since this was adopted in December, 1791, the intervening 225 years have seen the use of guns become central to the identity of the country and … Read More

A New App Offers to Unite Gun Enthusiasts

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Join FOX News Radio’s Jessica Curtis for Bullet Points — a look at all the latest news and views for America’s shooting community. In this latest Bullet Points podcast – a new app offers to unite gun enthusiasts, calling itself ‘the world’s first social gun experience.’ Jessica interviews Jonathan Rockett, Cofounder and CEO of The Shooting Club. LISTEN TO INTERVIEW…

Shooting Industry Magazine

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While guntry clubs — the YMCA or Starbucks of the firearms world — are certainly a luxury your grandpa never knew, a new shooting app is proving to be a luxury you never realized you were without. While gun clubs create thriving communal hangouts, they unfortunately have a weakness: they’re restricted to a zip code… READ THE ARTICLE HERE

There’s an app for that: How mobile tech is shaping the gun industry

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During the last two decades the capabilities of portable devices and the quality of the apps therein have dramatically increased. This uptick in new mobile tech is forcing the gun industry, notoriously slow to change, to reevaluate the way it trains and even the way it socializes. Mobile apps started small, relegated to calculators, calendars and simplistic Java-based games on brick-sized … Read More

Revolutionizing Your Shooting Range Experience

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We’ve reached a new age where virtually everything is comprised in a small device and fits in the palm of your hand – a smart phone. From grocery shopping to bank transactions to even booking airline tickets, everyday tasks can be completed instantly. Even more conveniently are the associated apps featured on mobile devices that cater to individual interests. The … Read More

‘FACEBOOK’ FOR GUN-OWNERS: The Shooting Club’ app could evolve into digital advocacy tool

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‘FACEBOOK’ FOR GUN-OWNERS: The Shooting Club’ app could evolve into digital advocacy tool. A smartphone app that that connects marksmen and markswomen with each other, as well as provides GPS listings of the nearest shooting ranges, is being lauded as the “Facebook for gun-owners” and could evolve into a digital advocacy tool for gun owners nationwide. By mid-November, The Shooting … Read More

Smartphone App Lets Gun Owners Locate Nearby Shooting Ranges

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A smartphone app which launched in late Summer allows gun owners to locate nearby shooting ranges anywhere in the country. The app is called The Shooting Club and it is available for iPhone or Android phones. According to Forbes, the app garnered over 10,000 users during the first 90 days after launching. The app benefits from a partnership with TSC … Read More