shoot guns. win prizes. repeat.

The Shooting Club is the world’s first social shooting experience. Our revolutionary app for iOS and Android allows users to find local shooting ranges and firearms instructors via GPS, improve firearm safety and marksmanship, and compete virtually with other shooters across the country to win gear and prizes – regardless of skill level. Grab your friends and we’ll see you at the range!

  • Find a Range or Instructor

    Find your local shooting range with GPS, and get connected with a certified firearms instructor who can help you improve.

  • Join the Community

    Follow your friends who shoot and connect with shooters around the world. Form groups and build your community as you improve and learn to defend yourself and your family.

  • Compete

    Join national public matches and compete virtually with other shooters, or form your own matches and challenge your friends to a shoot-off.

  • Win Prizes

    Win prizes, accessories, apparel and other great gear regardless of your skill level. Our unique Skill Leveling System allows beginners to compete against even the best marksmen.

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